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About Maverick Northstar

Maverick Northstar is a privately incorporated company formed as a joint venture between Maverick Synfuels of North Carolina and Petrostar Petroleum Corp. (TSXV:PEP) and is located in
the province of Alberta, Canada.

Maverick Northstar is a chemical processing company focused on methanol production and converting methanol to higher value products in Western Canada. The company is poised to take advantage of western Canada's rich resource base to produce a superior product
for local and national consumption.

The Gas-To-Liquids Technology

Maverick Northstar is exclusively licenced to utilize and develop commercial GTL (Gas-to-Liquids) sites and custom-processing partnerships with established feedstock producers.

Maverick is poised to enter into the biogas and
Natural Gas-to-Methanol market.

Commercial Applications for Methanol

Methanol is one of the most versatile compounds and is the basis for hundreds of chemicals, thousands of products that touch our daily lives, and is second in the world in amount shipped and transported commodity around the globe every year. Methanol is a global commodity and a key component of modern life.

Innovative new applications for methanol are seen almost on a daily basis. There are thousands of products in which methanol is a key component.

Applications for Pure Methanol

  • Transportation Fuel
  • Fuel Additive for Conventional Fuels
  • Wastewater Denitrification
  • Fuel Cell Hydrogen Carrier
  • Biodiesel Transesterification
  • Electricity Generation
  • Others

Chemical Feedstock

  • Plastics, Resins & Paints
  • Magnetic Films, Safety Glass Laminates
  • Adhesives, Solvents & Refridgerants
  • Carpeting
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Particle Board
  • Pigments and dyes


The initial launch and focus of Maverick Northstar is to convert methane-rich gas into methanol as part of an overall Spoke and Hub strategy.

Longer-term Maverick Northstar will deploy other technologies being commercialized by Maverick Synfuels to convert the methanol into higher value products based on Maverick Synfuels Olefinity™ technologies.