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Maverick Northstar
Improving the value of methane through the production
and utilization of methanol in Western Canada

About Maverick Northstar

Maverick Northstar is a privately incorporated company located in the province of Alberta, Canada.

The company was formed in May 2014 between Maverick Synfuels of North Carolina and Petrostar Petroleum Corp. (TSXV:PEP).

Maverick Northstar is a chemical processing company focused on improving the value of methane through the production and utilization of methanol in Western Canada.

The company is poised to take advantage of western Canada's rich resource base to produce a superior product for local and national consumption.

Methanol Production in Western Canada

Maverick Northstar’s Management Team

Mackenzie Loree, Chairman - Maverick Northstar

R. Mackenzie Loree, Chairman of Board

Mr. Randle Mackenzie Loree has been the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Petrostar Petroleum Corp. since July 25, 2012. Mr. Loree serves as the Chief Executive Officer of 2 private oil & gas companies including TexAlta Industries Ltd. He has been intimately involved in the various aspects of these companies' field operations, planning and management for the past 9 years.

Executive and entrepreneurial experience in start up, acquisitions, development and management with private and public entities.

Eric Cumming, CEO - Maverick Northstar

Eric Cumming, Chief Executive Officer

Eric Cumming is Chief Executive Officer of Maverick Northstar and is Vice President of Corporate Development of Maverick Synfuels. Eric has nearly 30 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience including over 4 years in the biofuels industry, technology, building systems, solar energy and venture funding. His energy experience ranges from the development of residential and light commercial solar energy equipment, to high-end systems-built residential custom building projects. Eric's roles have included product development and technology architecture, as well as product management and investment fund raising. Eric earned his MBA from the University of Michigan and his B.Sc. from Oakland University.

Sam Yenne, Ph.D, Director of Technology - Maverick Northstar

Sam Yenne, MBA, Ph.D., President and Director of Technology

Sam Yenne is the President and Director of Technology for Maverick Northstar and is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Maverick Synfuels. He is responsible for overseeing commercialization and implementation of Maverick’s business strategy and technology portfolio. This includes development of project plans, establishing vendor relationships, and overseeing the process optimization efforts. Sam has over 20 years of product discovery and development expertise in the life sciences and related industries. Sam earned his MBA from Duke University, his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, and his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Idaho.